You may be surprised to know that one of the major benefits of sublimation printing is its level of safety for both the environment and the worker. In fact, it is the most friendly-environmental and sustainable method of garment printing and production currently being used today.

The dyes are safe and not in any way harmful. Printers usually opt for using CYMK, so the result is that the dye sublimation printing process only uses a minimal amount of dye sublimation inks.

Amazingly, dye sublimation printing creates absolutely ZERO WASTE.

Our sublimation ink is a “green” WATER-BASED ink, less harmful to the environment than a solvent-based ink.

There are no solvents in any sublimation ink products. Eliminating the use of solvents has been proven to be good for the environment. Solvents have been linked to the production of ozone and to the increase in smog production. Smog contributes to poor air quality which can have a harmful effect on both humans and vegetation. Some solvents have also been linked to global warming.

Many solvents are also toxic to humans. The volatile organic compounds in solvent-based inks can cause fumes which can be unhealthy for those who work with the ink.  The VOC-free nature of a water-based ink also provides a safer work environment for production employees and eliminates the need for concern about things like personal exposure limits. Sublimation inks that are solvent-free are the smarter choice both for the health of the person printing with the ink and for the Earth as a whole.