You probably think the stock service is easier and faster which when everything goes perfectly, is true. But you probably still remember the frustration of BACK ORDERS, and let’s also consider the handling cost for digitising, screen printing or embroidery, and the most common issue, it’s extremely time consuming.

Obviously, another major downside of stock service is that it makes you wear the exact same design as your competitors, which, doesn’t amplify your own unique company identity.

On the other hand, Customisation lets you include impactful branding elements in the uniforms, allowing you to create something distinctive. By differentiating your workforce in the market, you amplify positive brand associations amongst consumers.

We offer you a lot of choice from design to fabric, you can create your own uniforms to match your branding perfectly, and there won’t be any BACK ORDERS.

We offer you the solution for both large organisation and one-man band:

  • No Request for Minimum Order Qty
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Free Design Service
  • Competitive Prices.