Hello! I’m Your Auspirit

I’m your resource platform which assists you to design and customize your apparel and merchandise online.

Auspirit provides you with an online DIY library of images that enables you to choose your design, customize the colours, add logos and images as well as text in various fonts.

To make the process really easy, I fully integrate with a comprehensive online resource, with strengths in sourcing, manufacture and logistics to provide you with a high quality, value added finished garment in a stress-free environment.

So, once you have used Auspirit to develop the design to your requirements, we are able to manufacture it to your specifications. We are an “O2O” solution (online design facility to an online manufacturing resource).

The seamless conversion from Auspirit designs to our manufacturing capability is made possible through the newest fabric printing technology: Dye-Sublimation.

Dye-Sublimation technology delivers a photo quality design onto fabric by oxidizing the ink, under high temperature, into the fabric. Because the designs are computer generated there is no limitation to the number of colours or the complexity of the image and the greatest advantage being that there is no cost difference based on the complexity of the images printed.

The Dye-Sublimation process is Eco-Friendly as there is no waste or chemically polluted water generated.