Why Do Your Staffs Wear Your Competitors Uniform?

Why Do Your Staffs Wear Your Competitors Uniform?

Everybody is wearing the same hi vis uniforms on the street or at workplaces, so how can the consumers identify who is a part of which company?

The uniform that your workers wear is a part of your company’s identity, that represents your unique service and culture. You can design your own workwear uniforms allowing you to create something distinctive. By differentiating your workforce in the market, you amplify positive brand associations amongst consumers.
our dye sublimation hi viz fabric is complied with AS/NZS 4399:2017

if you would like to provide your team the sun protection features during their outdoor work, our cotton backed fabric that featured with UPF 50+ is the perfect choice.

How Create Your Own Teamwear

How Create Your Own Teamwear

There are two options for you to create your own teamwear, obviously the simplest way is to work with our creative lab, 5 simple steps to get your job done:

Choose the design

  1. Create your own colour way
  2. Add logos and Text
  3. Choose the Fabric
  4. Clip and send

Sometimes you would like to create something from scratch, but you are not a designer, then what happens? Don’t panic, our design team is willing to take the creative journey with you together to achieve your goal, please provide us your creative thought in any form, writing or rough sketch on piece of paper, our design team will create the mock up for you to approve, you think it, we do it.

Here is a case study: 



We do request the logo to be in vector format to meet high quality of dye sublimation printing. 


We request the picture at 300 dpi that has at least 2000×2000 pixels to meet the high quality of dye sublimation printing. This is to prevent any blurring and distortion. 

Please don’t panic if there is an issue, remember you are working with a team, we will find the solution to assist your achievement.

5 Key Benefits of Dye Sublimation

5 Key Benefits of Dye Sublimation

The key benefit of all the benefits of dye sublimation printing is the ability to use any colour with high-quality resolution. The ink jet printer prints the image transferred, this allows the use of every colour in the colour spectrum, except white. This includes any type of complex gradients, images and photos, or a combination of all. Using a white solid surface solves the problem of not being able to print white. Wherever the ink is not printed, the surface colour of the material will show through. As a result, you can print any image with the same high resolution of 300 dpi

1.Durability of Print

As mentioned previously, the unique process of sublimated printing makes the image one with its substrate or printing surface. This means no cracking, fading or deterioration of the image will occur once it is set into the product. For apparel, this means no worries of print fade after laundering. For non-apparel items you do not need to worry that certain cleaners will erode image durability. If the base material itself can withstand the cleaning agent or environment your print will maintain its original look.


As this process grows in popularity more and more types of materials can be printed. From custom one- off flip flops, uniforms and socks to large outdoor signage and home decor items, dye sublimation has almost unlimited potential. Here are some items that are now widely used in this industry:


1) Rigid Substrates – Polymer treated, non-fabric items like glass, plastic, fiberglass, ceramics, and aluminium. These are products that aren’t bendable like fabrics.
2) Signage – Easily print on vinyl banners, tablecloths and other trade show displays. If you see signs hanging in front of shops or buildings, there’s a good chance that sublimation printing was used.

3) Polyester Fabrics – One of the most popular items to dye sublimate. They are divided into two types:
i) Knit: Polyester products that hang & flow in their natural environment, like apparel, flags, banners, and custom printed table covers.
ii) Woven: More durable products such as fabric backdrops and custom tents

4) Home Decor – The dye-sub process is often used by businesses that sell to interior designers. Decor items like ceramic floor tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, & more.
5) Photograph Printing – Arguably the best way to produce the highest-quality photographic images on canvas, magnets, and apparel.

3.Low Minimums

Once the image is set up in a graphic design program it can easily be re-printed for high production quantities or for just one-time use. Depending on the complexity of the design it may cost you more for a graphic designer to design and set-up a print than the actual printed item.

4.Ease of Use

As this process has become more popular in recent years, production equipment, product variety and affordability have increased significantly. Printed items that once required a lot of upfront set-up costs can now be achieved with the one-time purchase of sublimation equipment. This means that apparel with full colour coverage, even over seams, can now be achieved simply.


Sublimation printing can be used consistently over time with great results. Items like mouse pads, coffee cups, face masks, signs and marketing materials, fully custom apparel with overall printing and home decor items will benefit from this type of printing. All these items can also be washed on a regular basis without fear of distorting their appearance.

Dye sublimation has capabilities way beyond fabric. It leaves countless printing opportunities that come in handy for crafting and business presentations where customisation is a bonus.